Extractive Industries


Mining sites are often complex and wide areas that cover a range of assets including mine pits, tailings storage facilities (TSF) / tailings dams, piles and transport networks. Avoiding management failures across the mining life cycle is important to ensure the safety of staff, surveyors and local residents; environmental impact of the mining activities; production downtime; and commercial and reputational damage. Satellite capabilities, including ground deformation, such as subsidence monitoring, are key technologies for enabling evidence-based decision making across the entire mining lifecycle: design, exploitation, and after closure.

Working together with world leading geotechnical mining experts, Telespazio provides the following benefits to the mining industry:

  • Optimisation of mining mitigation measures, deployment of surveillance teams and equipment
  • Enhanced geotechnical analysis with access to historical satellite data
  • Remote measurements to avoid access limitations in conventional surveying techniques
  • Improved mining safety through ground monitoring with millimetric precision
  • Integration of InSAR with other geodetic data to provide holistic mining solutions

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Services and Products

  • Environmental Baseline and input for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Detection of legal and illegal mining, illicit tracking of precious metals and legitimate goods
  • Ground motion monitoring including subsidence and sinkholes
  • Fast movements analysis for ground displacement includes landslides
  • Tailings Storage Facilities stability assessment
  • InSAR solutions for pit monitoring, including pit wall integrity
  • Digital Surface Model for mining site activities monitoring
  • High precision GPS/GNSS real time monitoring service for sensitive assets including dams and pylons
  • SUMMIT-SHM™ – a cutting-edge motion monitoring system based on GNSS technology designed to deliver high accuracy 3D motion monitoring in real-time

Oil & Gas

Satellite-based monitoring and predictive analytics enable cost-effective solutions and services that support exploration, operations, remediation activities and environmental compliance in the Oil & Gas industry. Telespazio provides techniques to optimise production strategies, support reservoir management and offer services for Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulatory compliance.

Find Oil & Gas products on the AWARE and SEonSE platforms.

Services and Products

  • Oil spill detection monitoring
  • Reservoir monitoring – track the evolution of ground elevation changes
  • Offshore platform subsidence – estimation of platform tilt
  • Underground gas storage – monitor ground deformation in response to injection and extraction cycles
  • Detect fracture and fault systems, caprock integrity and casing failures
  • Oil seepage detection

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An e-GEOS powered platform for the provision of products, services and advanced analytics tools for the monitoring and management of Critical Assets and Infrastructure.




Telespazio UK and e-GEOS have considerable combined experience and proprietary technology that provides a well-trodden and robust modular Maritime Surveillance Platform – Smart Eyes on the Seas (SEonSE) – an innovative way to gain access to maritime information.