Satellite Communications
Our parent company, Telespazio Spa, founded in 1961, is one of the world’s earliest satellite telecommunication service providers. With its long track record in the satellite data and broadcast sectors, the Telespazio group offers its clients secure, reliable and globally available solutions.

In the data market, Telespazio UK – though the wider Telespazio group – offers dedicated services for the oil & gas, utilities, maritime, defence and telco sectors, implementing fixed-line, mobile broadband satellite services with over 46,000 deployed VSATs and over 2,000 mobile SIMs.

The company is an award-winning Teleport operator (WTA Teleport operator of the year 2018) with Teleports in Italy, Romania, Brazil and Argentina, including one of the largest commercial teleports in the world: Fucino Teleport. Telespazio hosts ground segment equipment dedicated to telecommunications satellite systems managed by leading international operators such as Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Oneweb and Galileo.

In the broadcast market, Telespazio is the leader in Italy and a major European service provider with customers including Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland and Aljazeera. Telespazio also provides the global distribution for RAI, the Italian state Broadcaster.