Satellite Communications

Our satellite communications services and products provide reliable and secure data transfer from a single source. Our extensive experience ensures we are in a position to manage and promptly respond to the breadth and complexities of large projects and provide solutions that deliver organisational and logistical savings.

Oil and gas exploration takes engineers and site workers to some of the world’s most remote locations, to operations that rely on safe, secure and stable communications in support of business-critical operations. The immediate exchange of information between local control centres, head office and field forces, is essential to reducing decision making time, and improves supplier and asset management. The result is reduced capital and operating costs.

Geo Information Services

Telespazio UK provides the portal to all the Telespazio Geo Information group services, including e-GEOS ground deformation monitoring products, and a number of other commercial suppliers, selecting whichever are most appropriate to the customer needs.

In addition, we offer customer support, training, and delivery system solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We can integrate in-situ data, (of particular benefit for some ground deformation applications), deliver to remote locations via reduced bandwidth, and provide access via tablet and smart phone applications.