Network & Service Management

Telespazio UK’s experts are able to lead or support the specification, design and implementation of network and service management systems used to administer applications, communication services and networks.

Our expertise is associated with system management at the network, service and business layers, and in line with latest telecommunication standards and guidelines. We provide support at all system management layers (element, subsystem, network, service and business) and across all management disciplines (e.g. ordering, fulfilment and service delivery).

Network and service management encompasses a multitude of systems management expertise applied to complex systems.

Supporting Space and Network Operations

  • Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P)
  • System management requirements definition and design specification
  • Network and service management development and implementation
  • Management Information Base (MIB) design and development
  • Training course development
  • Management information modelling
  • Frameworks and methodologies (eTOM, ITILv3/4)
  • Business process engineering
  • Schema definition and development of management agents
  • Operational tools, processes methods, and procedures
  • Service management architectures, monitoring, fulfilment, and assurance
  • Secure Infrastructure Hosting Environments

Ensuring success for our clients

Discover how we provide network and service management expertise to clients.

LEO constellation and 5G Non-Terrestrial Network definition and CONOPS.

CONOPS development for the European Space Agency's IRIS programme