Systems Engineering

Telespazio UK provides systems engineering support for clients developing space systems and programmes. As satellite communication specialists, our engineers are experienced in antenna technologies, RF design, modem implementation and baseband IP network routing and management. This has been applied across all satellite system types (FSS, BSS, MSS) and constellations (GEO, MEO, HEO, LEO).

We provide expertise in hardware, software and firmware aspects, which can be applied across the full end-to-end system. We work well as part of the client’s engineering team or as a trusted technical partner.

Our activities encompass a multitude of systems engineering, management and modelling capabilities as applied to complex systems.

Full Lifecycle Engineering

  • Independent technical support into due diligence exercises
  • Technical feasibility assessments
  • Mission and system definition
  • Requirements definition and baseline management
  • Architectural design
  • Engineering trade-off analysis
  • Rapid engineering prototyping
  • Subsystem design and development
  • Solutions development
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Operations engineering
  • Space segment procurement and delivery
  • Equipment design (hardware, software & firmware)
  • Protocol development
  • Information security management plans

Ensuring success for our clients

Discover how Telespazio UK, through its e2E business, provides systems engineering support to its clients in the space industry.

Support to UK Ministry of Defence's £6 billion Skynet replacement programme

System requirements and specification of a 5G payload architecture