Verification, Validation
& Test (VV&T)

Through its recent acquisition of e2E, Telespazio UK takes a leadership role in defining, planning and conducting integration, verification, validation and acceptance testing activities across the full space communications system implementation.

Specific expertise has been amassed in relation to ground and user segment testing, supported by experience in space segment testing, notably in relation to the performance of satellite communication payloads, TT&C subsystem operation and satellite in-orbit and compatibility testing. At Telespazio UK, we are well placed to either lead or support the definition and implementation of VV&T activities across the end-to-end system.

Our activities encompass a multitude of test engineering disciplines and test management applied to complex systems.

VV&T expertise

  • Early systems development confidence testing
  • Pair-wise testing between different suppliers
  • Integration & Test
  • VV&T strategies, plans and campaigns
  • Verification and acceptance testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • In-field alpha/beta test trials
  • Service readiness testing
  • Space segment testing (communications payload testing, TT&C and IOT)

Ensuring success for our clients

Discover how we provide VV&T support to our clients in the space industry.

Global Xpress Cyprus test campaign support

Government satellite in-orbit test support