Simulation & Modelling

Based on our systems approach in the context of complex satellite and cellular mobile communications networks, along with the development of test and network simulation tools, Telespazio UK provides support for the specification, design and implementation of development- and operationally-based models, tools and applications used to aid in the definition and later upkeep of operational satellite systems.

Our modelling and simulation capabilities comprise a multitude of disciplines and techniques.

Simulation and Modelling expertise

  • Satellite Radio Propagation Modelling
  • Air interface simulation
  • Constellation modelling (STK, MATLAB)
  • ‘Hands on’ training using and configuring satellite simulators for anomaly investigation
  • Development of message and packet level simulators
  • Digital and regenerative payload simulations
  • End-to-end satellite communications system modelling
  • Software porting and development
  • Development and maintenance of engineering tools (link budget, interference analysis, Earth Station Pointing, Adjacent Satellite Interference, Next Generation Processor Benefits Analysis)
  • Real-time Network Simulator

Ensuring success for our clients

Discover how Telespazio UK provides simulation and modelling expertise to its clients.

Development of automated software test tool.