Geo Information and Satellite Imaging Services

Telespazio is one of the major global suppliers of geospatial application solutions and services, through its subsidiaries; Telespazio UK, e-GEOS in Italy and GAF in Germany. Telespazio UK is active in all areas relating to the Earth observation market, from acquiring and processing satellite data to developing and selling software and products.

There is a growing global demand for geo information for developing, planning and managing environmental resources. Telespazio provides multiple application services for several different disciplines including:

  • Environmental protection monitoring
  • Rush mapping in support to natural disaster management such as flood events
  • Specialised products for defence and intelligence
  • Oil spill identification and monitoring, and ship detection for maritime surveillance purposes
  • Interferometric measurements for landslides and ground subsidence analysis
  • Thematic mapping and change detection analysis for projects, including land cover change, agriculture and deforestation
  • GIS solutions and applications for the control of vehicle fleets, monitoring of dangerous sites and e-tourism services

Telespazio utilises SAR data to achieve such applications and is involved in the major Earth Observation programmes including the European Copernicus and the Italian COSMO-SkyMed. In support to its operational applications, e-GEOS – a joint venture between Telespazio (80%) and ASI (20%) – operates the Matera Space Centre for acquisition, archiving and processing of multi-mission satellite data including COSMO-SkyMed and ESA Sentinels. e-GEOS is the exclusive distributors of COSMO-SkyMed data worldwide.