Ground Systems
Telespazio UK has extensive experience in the development and operation of complex ground systems and services required to deliver and exploit information derived from satellites.

Our expertise spans a range of ground segment system elements and includes using state of the art ICT technologies (Cloud, AI) and methods (Agile, DevOps), combined with domain specific knowledge (e.g Earth Observation and Climate).

This expertise is primarily applied to the areas of:

  • Space Launch
  • Security
  • Data Management and Processing
  • Data Quality

Telespazio UK is also able to offer an end-to-end system level capability covering the management of overall system and programmatic aspects of satellite ground segment such as: 

  • Overall ground system concept and design
  • Programme Cost and Risk Analysis
  • Integration, Verification and Validation
  • System Deployment
  • Operations Concepts

These capabilities and experience have been built up over more than 40 years whilst supporting major European Space Institutions (ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, CNES), as well as large industrial organisations (Airbus Defence and Space, QinetiQ). Telespazio UK continues to deliver and maintain high quality, trusted, ground segment solutions to these customers on a daily basis. Further information on the Telespazio UK Ground Systems capabilities and experience is given in the following pages.