Telespazio UK provides a portal to all the Telespazio Geo Information group services, including our maritime surveillance products, and to data from most other commercial suppliers, selecting whichever is most appropriate to the customer needs. Telespazio UK adds further value through focused customer support, training, and provision of delivery system solutions tailored to your specific requirements, including integration of in-situ data, delivery to remote locations via reduced bandwidth and the option of access via tablet and smart phone applications.

Our maritime surveillance data is provided by our sister company e-GEOS. A world leader in maritime monitoring services, e-GEOS participates in major international programs such as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), MARISS (Maritime Security Services) and EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency). We enhance the basic data from a range of partners and delivery to meet customer requirements.

Telespazio UK and e-GEOS have considerable combined experience and their proprietary technology provides a well-trodden and robust modular Maritime Surveillance Platform – Read more about Smart Eyes on the Seas (SEonSE)

At Telespazio UK, we offer Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband (cost-effective broadband data and voice communications, delivered simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a near global basis) and Iridium’s Open port (easy to install lightweight satellite system which is easily integrated into existing infrastructure).

Combining the above with Inmarsat’s Isat Phones, Iridium’s Voice and Short Burst Data products, competitive pricing tariffs, customised training courses, and 24/7 customer services, ensures that our mobile satellite solutions for the Maritime sector are second to none.