Agile Watching of Assets and REsources (AWARE)
An e-GEOS powered platform for the provision of products, services and advanced analytics tools for the monitoring and management of Critical Assets and Infrastructure.


The Agile Watching of Assets and REsources (AWARE) platform provides end-to-end solutions for asset and infrastructure management. AWARE provides continuous monitoring of asset health by identifying deformations to help inform decision-making and to support daily operations for:

  • Power plants
  • Dams
  • Mining areas
  • Airports
  • Pipelines
  • Oil platforms
  • Archaeological sites
  • Any other sites or infrastructure with continuous monitoring requirements

The platform provides high precision and accurate positioning Persistent Scatter Pairs (PSP) analysis satellite interferometric analysis, Fast Movements analysis, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) services, Change Detection Analysis (CDA), thematic cartography, and high detailed 3D models. AWARE returns the analysis through a portal and toolbars, providing analysis and supporting tools to add further value to the geospatial data.


High precision Persistent Scatterers (PS) >analysis based on satellite interferometric data

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analysis
  • Multi-sensor sources
  • Actionable reports
  • Millimetre precision
  • Cloud processing and services
  • Historical change and monitoring


Accurate monitoring of sites, assets and critical infrastructure


Satellite interferometric products and GNSS monitoring of ground and structure deformations:

  • PSP WebGIS platform for visualisation and Data Analytics
  • PSP Toolbar for ESRI ArcMap and ESRI ArcGIS Pro
  • PSP satellite interferometric analysis
  • Fast Movements for the detection of high speed deformations from satellite
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) High Precision Stability Monitoring
  • SUMMIT-SHM™ – a cutting-edge motion monitoring system based on GNSS technology designed to deliver high accuracy 3D motion monitoring in real time


Change detection, spatial analysis, and high-resolution cartography to monitor the surrounding area:

  • Orthophoto, Cartography, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and 3D models 
  • Utilities management systems
  • Oil Tank monitoring (Optical and Radar)
  • Water Leaks detection
  • Geological mapping
  • GAFMap and Virtual Reality (VR)


Data collection and integration services to provide a holistic view of the asset and its surrounding:

  • Data, indicators and reports
  • External services integration
  • Specific thematic mapping for assets and infrastructures monitoring
  • Mining cadastral land register systems
  • Specific Mining Site cartography
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Land Use / Land Cover
  • Reference and change monitoring
  • Airport Cadastre and Obstacles Maps
  • Elevation Suite

Who would benefit?


  • Oil & Gas and extraction companies
  • Railway and transportation
  • Public administration for environment and cultural heritage
  • Engineering and general contractors
  • Utilities and infrastructure