#T-TeC 2022: it’s time for lift off!

21 September 2022

Following the announcement of the fourth #T-TeC event in July, the Leonardo and Telespazio Open Innovation contest for researchers, STEM and university students from all over the world is about to go live. 

On Wednesday 21 September 2022, #T-TeC 2022 was presented by CTIO of Telespazio, Marco Brancati, during an event organised at the Telespazio pavilion at IAC 2022, the International Astronautical Congress currently taking place in Paris.

Luca del Monte, Head of Commercialisation Department at the European Space Agency (ESA), Roberto Formaro, Director of Programmes at the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and Franco Ongaro, CTIO of Leonardo attended the launch and will also be on the panel of judges who will be evaluating the entries put forward.

As well as a cash prize for the first three teams, the fourth #T-TeC is about to take on an even bigger challenge: to become an authentic enabler for the incubation and acceleration of innovative start-ups. The project judged to be at the most ready and complete stage of development will be fast-tracked through Leonardo’s Business Innovation Factory. An important opportunity to transform the winning team’s ideas into reality!

Furthermore, participants will also be able to access a pre-incubation programme at I3P, the Turin Polytechnic’s Innovative Enterprise Incubator, or have the possibility to develop the proof of concept for their project, which will be funded by Leonardo.

The teams competing in the 2022 #T-Tec will be exploring six macro-themes related to sustainability on Earth and in Space:

  • Space and Extraterrestrial Exploration
  • In Orbit Servicing towards a Circular Economy in Space
  • GeoInformation Applications and Platforms for a sustainable Earth
  • Space Domain Awareness for the Protection of Space and Ground Infrastructures
  • Secure and Resilient Communications with future technologies
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing Infrastructures and Solutions for Earth and other celestial bodies.

The final submission deadline for project proposals is 27 November 2022.

In the weeks that follow, the panel of judges will get to work on selecting the winners, who will receive their awards in Brussels on 24-25 January 2023, during the 15th European Space Conference.

#T-TeC 2022 relies on the support of its eminent sponsors: from the long-standing backing of ESA and ASI, to the more recent support of the Italian Aeronautic and Astronautic Association (AIDAA), the Space Generation Advisory Council in Support of the UN Programme on Space Applications (SGAC), and the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS).