Artificial Intelligence-enabled Quality Control

Fast, Cost-Effective Quality Control for Earth Observation

Telespazio is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure the quality of its customers’ Earth Observation (EO) services, with the company’s AI-based Quality Control (QC) technology complementing standard automation approaches and reducing the need for human inspection.

AI-based QC can detect errors that standard automation checks fail to spot, preventing embarrassing faults in delivered products. We can help you deploy the most appropriate inspection tools for your mission – optimising the combination of traditional automation checks and AI-based techniques for best performance.

Where manual checks form part of your current process, AI support can reduce cost and improve coverage. Our technology is designed to learn from human operators and generate AI-based check tools that get better and better over time. Your staff can continue to perform spot-checks, while the AI learns from their expertise and applies it to the whole data set.

We can deploy our AI QC technology where it best suits your needs – our place, your place or on the cloud.

Europe’s Leading Provider of Quality Control for EO

Telespazio UK leads the way in EO Quality Control, working with the best remote sensing experts to provide a service that ensures trust in the delivered product.

Our services cover passive and active sensor systems from a diverse range of missions and instrument types. For more than 10 years, the European Space Agency (ESA) has trusted us and our partners to undertake its EO data quality evaluation for the Earth Explorer series of missions such as Cryosat, SMOS and GOCE, as well as a range of third party collaboration missions including Landsat and ALOS. Our service supports a wide range of remote sensing techniques including optical imaging, spectrometry, SAR, altimetry and atmospheric measurements.

Additionally, we continue to provide our EO QC service for these scientific missions, while also undertaking quality evaluation work for commercial operators in the New Space sector.


The Q-Engine integrates with your workflow, supporting real-time data QC and letting you spot-check products in line with your chosen policy.

The web-enabled Q-VIEWER lets your team work from anywhere, while the Q-ENGINE runs in the optimum place for performance, cost or just compatibility with your existing systems.

Cloud-Enabled Systems for EO

Services are moving to the Cloud. Bigger data sets; more scalable cloud hosting; access-from-anywhere services.

Telespazio is at the forefront of web-enabled EO systems, demonstrated by the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting’s (ECMWF) decision to appoint us to develop and deploy their Climate Data Store (CDS) to the cloud.

Additionally, ESA commissioned us to develop a new EO Exploitation Platform Common Architecture, while the EU selected us when renewing the on-line access Support Functions and Platform for Copernicus contributing missions (known as PRISM).

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The Application of Machine Learning Techniques to EO Data Quality Control

Space Systems Consultant, Kevin Halsall, explains how Telespazio UK’s Ease QC initiative aims to employ Artificial Intelligence techniques in the field of Earth Observation data Quality Control.

The Application of Machine Learning Techniques to EO Data Quality Control