Maritime Surveillance

Shipping in the Oil and Gas industry requires monitoring of company marine vessel paths and worldwide travel, especially for offshore extraction activities management, security and as part of their distribution strategy. A reliable detection of all sailing or stationary vessels is necessary to tackle manipulated or 'dark vessels' that have turned off identification systems (e.g. Automatic Identification System (AIS), Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT)) and anomalous behaviours. Dangerous behaviours, such as those from company ships or unknown vessels, need to be identified and proven to inform decision-making (pollution activities such as illegal bilge dumping, suspected pirate attacks, unofficial routes, etc.).

Telespazio UK utilises e-GEOS-powered technology to deliver a high frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data monitoring campaign to support defence and marine forces in Maritime Situational Awareness services, coast guards, international marine environmental defence and protection organisations.

Developed by e-GEOS, Telespazio UK utilises a fully integrated processing platform, Smart Eyes on the Seas (SEonSE) to facilitate the continual observation of targets at sea across large areas.

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Telespazio UK and e-GEOS have considerable combined experience and proprietary technology that provides a well-trodden and robust modular Maritime Surveillance Platform – Smart Eyes on the Seas (SEonSE) – an innovative way to gain access to maritime information.