Very High-resolution Radar & Optical Data Assessment (VH-RODA) 2022 Workshop

07 November 2022

Telespazio UK will be attending VH-RODA 2022, and presenting two sessions during the workshop.

Dates: 7-10 November 2022
Location: ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

The Very High-resolution Radar & Optical Data Assessment (VH-RODA) 2022 Workshop, hosted by ESA/ESRIN, provides an open forum (for the new space, commercial and institutional space sectors) for presenting and discussing about the current status and future developments related to Earth Observation (EO) data quality, calibration and validation of space-borne very high-resolution SAR and optical sensors, and data products, with a dedicated focus on commercial EO data providers and related Cal/Val activities, synergies between optical and SAR communities, presentation of standards and best practices for data quality.

Telespazio UK will be attending this event, where the following team members presenting sessions at the following times:

  • Wednesday 9 Nov, 09:00-09:20 – Amanda Hall will be presenting 'EOSure: Improving quality assurance of the end-to-end Earth Observation’
  • Thursday 10 Nov, 10:40-11:00 – Kajal Haria will be presenting 'ERS-1/2 SAR and ENVISAT ASAR CEOS ARD NRB Product Development Project'