Telespazio UK joins forces with Riskaware to win MoD and DOD funding to develop comprehensive multi-tier battle-management visualisation platform – SpaceAware

02 February 2021

Riskaware, incident modelling experts, and Telespazio UK, were among the winners of the first International Space Pitch Day for their battle-management visualisation tool, SpaceAware.

  • Telespazio UK together with Riskaware Ltd winners at 1st MoD and DOD International Space Pitch Day
  • Winning idea to develop SpaceAware platform; Telespazio UK providing the required space-based expertise
  • Telespazio UK is one of the organisations through which Leonardo engages the UK market

Riskaware, incident modelling experts, and Telespazio UK, a subsidiary of Telespazio – a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) – were among the winners of the first International Space Pitch Day.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) in conjunction with the US Department of Defence (DOD) initiated the first International Space Pitch Day event, the final of which was held during the Defence Space Conference in November 2020. This competition was created to enhance innovation in the aerospace sector in the UK and US, and support companies and start-ups in the commercial technological development of new solutions.

There was a strong response to the competition with over 150 projects put forward to win one of the 15 available finalists’ places at the live pitch for funding during the Defence Space Conference. The prize would be joint funding of projects, up to a value of £53,000, from the MoD and DOD.

In answer to challenge question 2 in the competition: “Visualisation to help a commander in the field to understand satellite systems relevant to their operations”, Riskaware in collaboration with Telespazio UK, put forward SpaceAware, a novel platform based on CyberAware Resilience and CyberAware Predict capabilities and were declared one of the ten winners. 

The SpaceAware platform is a comprehensive multi-tier battle-management visualisation tool aimed at supporting army field operations with risk and threat analysis to mission-critical space assets. The tool will provide a ground commander with information on:

  • What space-based assets are available
  • What capability they provide 
  • The impact on operations should these assets be attacked or become unavailable. 

This is a new and exciting way of working at operational level and an area in which there is expected to be considerable future development. Riskaware and Telespazio UK are at the forefront of this development.

Work has now began on the project to deliver a proof of concept for SpaceAware Resilience, with Telespazio UK providing the space-based expertise required for the platform. Telespazio UK, in particular, will provide the project with its expertise in satellite services, ranging from telecommunications to navigation and geo-information. Initial results are expected in Q2 of 2021.

Dr Geoff Busswell, Head of Marketing & Sales at Telespazio UK, said: “This project is an important stepping-stone in the development of space-enabled battle management tools. We are looking forward to working closely with our partners and project lead, Riskaware, to deliver a proof of concept for the SpaceAware platform.”

Simon Agass, Business Development Executive of Riskaware, said: “Our partnership with Telespazio UK gives us a strong and experienced stance within this process. The capabilities we are bringing to the table are trusted and established, and Telespazio UK has valuable insight into what the users really need. This project will mark Riskaware’s entry into the space sector, a platform for which we have plans to develop in the next few months.”

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