Telespazio UK supporting the work of using satellites to measure sea-ice thickness

27 September 2022

Telespazio UK (TPZ UK) is proud to have supported the CryoSat mission since its launch in 2010 through the TPZ UK-led Quality Assurance for Earth Observation (QA4EO) service for the European Space Agency (ESA).

For over 12 years our team of experts has performed routine quality control (QC) of all CryoSat data products generated operationally to assess instrument performance and data quality before the data is released to the scientific and user community. 

The critical operational QC work that we do behind the scenes, allows well calibrated, characterised and trustworthy data to be available to the users at all times. Equally, with Telespazio UK’s expertise, any anomalous data is detected, investigated and prevented from distribution to the end-users in a timely manner. Availability of quality assured data is fundamental for scientific studies and ground-breaking discoveries, such as the one recently published on BBC News about arctic sea-ice.

Dr Geoff Busswell, Telespazio UK’s Head of Marketing and Sales, said: “We are very proud to have been working on the ESA CryoSat mission for over a decade. The important data quality work that is done by our team of experts allows the provision of trusted data to scientists that is subsequently used to derive conclusions on how arctic sea-ice is changing. We look forward to continuing to support this and other ESA Earth Observation programmes to help monitor our environment and the effects of climate change.”

Learn more about our work on the QA4EO service