I-STEM - A week in the life of a Space Engineer 2024 - Monday 29 July - Friday 2 August 2024

28 May 2024

Telespazio UK, with support from STEMPOINT, is excited to announce its 5-day Space and Satellite Communication inspired engineering experience.

Monday 29 July - Friday 2 August 2024

The event is open to applications from year 12 STEM students local to Hertfordshire.

It’s free to attend and will give students the opportunity to discover the key skills required and pathways available into a career in the space industry.

Location: Silver Court, Welwyn Garden City 

During the 5 days, participants will develop their own satellite mission design project, attend space-related seminars, engage in technical demonstrations and the opportunity to visit a space related facility. The week will end with a presentation of each group’s design project; judges will award a prize to the winning project.


  • Inspire students with a lasting interest in the Space Industry and STEM subjects.
  • Provide students with new knowledge and skills relevant to the Space Industry.
  • Give students a rich picture of what it’s like to work in the Space Industry.
  • Valuable experience to include in a CV and UCAS application form.

All applicants will be asked to answer the following competition questions:

  1. If you were to propose your own space mission to solve a real-world problem, what would the aim of this mission be and why? (200 words)
  2. Why does this event interest you and how do you feel it would be beneficial to your future career? (200 words)

To apply, please download the application form and email the completed form to stem-uk@telespazio.com. If you require the application form as a Word document, please email us.

Application deadline: Friday 21 June 2024

We encourage all interested STEM students to apply. No prior experience of the space industry required.

For further information, email stem-uk@telespazio.com.