ESA’s Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot project

EDAP is ESA’s Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot project which aims to perform an early data assessment on various third party (non-ESA) existing, new and future EO missions that fall into one of the following instrument domains:

  • Very High Resolution Optical
  • High Resolution Optical
  • Medium Resolution Optical
  • Low Resolution Optical
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Atmospheric

Missions to be assessed by the service include Planet’s Skysat and Dove satellites, Proba-1, Landsat, BlackSky, ICEYE, SAOCOM and Spire.

The project also includes specific multi-mission studies and the organisation of ESA Workshops that focus on data quality assessment of different types and groups of EO mission sensors.

The VH-RODA (Very High-resolution Radar & Optical Data Assessment) was one such workshop organised by EDAP. The Service will also generate cross-mission methodologies and guidelines for the assessment of the data.

Telespazio UK is the prime contractor for the EDAP Service, responsible for the overall Service Management, as well as the coordination and specific analysis of the optical instruments (all resolutions). Other members of the team are Serco, Aresys, Finnish Meteorological Institute, NPL, VisioTerra, IGN and Telespazio.

During the 2019 VH-RODA workshop, Telespazio UK presented some results from its analysis into the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to Earth Observation Data Quality Control activities.