Next Generation Network-Assisted PNT Assurance (NG-NAPA)

Next Generation Network-Assisted PNT Assurance (NG-NAPA) project will design and develop a proof-of concept demonstrator of a PNT assurance system to protect against malicious threats to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): it will provide PNT assurance through reference assisted GNSS and Signals Of Opportunity (SOOP) or SOOP only PNT. The reference network capabilities of the NG-NAPA will be enhanced by the Iridium LEO Communications system, 5G cellular phone signals and GNSS encrypted signals as potential SOOP to contribute to PNT assurance.

The SOOP will complement, or possibly replace, GNSS positioning in order to provide assurance to PNT users, especially when GNSS open services are disrupted. The system concept is adaptable for deployment at user terminals; moreover, it is suitable for both static and dynamic operation. NG-NAPA will be effective against malicious threats such as GNSS signal spoofing and its design flexibility will ensure that other SOOP signals can be incorporated in the future. TPZ UK is the prime contractor for this ESA-funded project and will be working with a very strong and well-structured consortium, consisting of Thales Services Numériques (France), M3 Systems Belgium (Belgium) and Chronos Technology Ltd (UK).