FAST Processor
(A)ATSR 4th Reprocessing FAST (From (A)ATSR to SLSTR Tool) Processor Development

Telespazio UK has had a long involvement with the (A)ATSR instruments; successive members of the same instrument family with the primary objective of measuring Sea Surface Temperature. SLSTR, on board Sentinel-3, is the latest in this line of radiometers that stretch back to ERS-1’s launch in 1991.

We are responsible for the development of the FAST processor; a key element in the processing chain in the (A)ATSR 4th reprocessing activities. Working with the scientific experts, the objective is to reprocess all historical (A)ATSR data into SLSTR-like formatted products, ensuring the compatibility between the operational data from Sentinel-3 and the 20+ year datasets ESA has in its archives.

Telespazio UK has developed the processor which is capable of generating (A)ATSR L1b data in a format closely resembling that of the SLSTR data products. Activities included the generation of all applicable documentation related to processor design (Architectural Design Documents, I/O Definition documents, Interface Control Documents), implementation of multiple sub-processors, testing, delivery and support.