Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Knowledge Exchange

The Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Knowledge Exchange (KE) project aims to promote and communicate the usage of satellite data for climate research. More specifically, enhancing user uptake and understanding of the Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) provided by ESA’s CCI programme.

A number of tools were previously developed to target the different user communities of the data. The CCI KE project aims to continue these communication activities, in a better-coordinated manner and by overcoming the limitations that have become apparent.

Telespazio UK is implementing one of the five CCI communication tools, the new CCI programme website, and will also run the user operations.

The new CCI KE website will incorporate all the content into a single content management system with modern functionality and design. It will provide the best user experience to each visitor, and will deliver the content adapted to each of the target groups accessing to the information. Finally, the content will be adaptable to different devices and screen sizes.