braINT™ is the solution for next generation imagery-based actionable intelligence analysis. It is a modular environment for IMINT analysis and report generation. Based on a blended integration of proprietary algorithms and “best in class” software packages, braINT™ provides, at its core, a range of tailored operational workflows providing easy access to satellite imagery exploitation through simple steps supporting the analyst on each phase of the intelligence gathering process.

braINT™ represents a state-of-the-art Defence and Intelligence workflow management platform based on a long intelligence application heritage.


Much more than a data request

  • Advanced level of automation
  • Integration with intermediate and end-user datasets and info sources
  • Multisource satellite data capability, including COSMO-SkyMed
  • Fully customisable operational workflows for remote sensing data exploitation
  • Dynamic workload management to guarantee near real-time reports and analytics production
  • Modular architecture integrating proprietary solutions and customer tools


Tailor made solutions for imagery intelligence


Airbase, naval base, army base, missile site, artillery systems

  • Supply installation classification: Nuclear, Electronic, Water control, Industrial, Power
  • Local area reconnaissance to detect and locate enemy forces, armour, artillery and troops


Naval base, airbase, army base, missile and artillery sites

  • Military field activity monitoring
  • Site evolution analysis
  • Persistent monitoring of established zones of separation
  • Collateral activities monitoring (e.g. parked vehicle counting, crude oil inventories)


  • Border checkpoint monitoring to detect suspicious movements to avoid control points
  • Anomalous behaviours detection
  • Pattern of Life (PoL) analysis
  • Wide area persistent surface surveillance to detect enemy dispositions and force build-up
  • Survey and patrol evacuation routes, evacuation points and reception centres


  • Ongoing battle damages assessment


  • Local area reconnaissance
  • Identification of preferred areas of deployment
  • Urban area reconnaissance to support mission planning
  • Digital mapping / detailed terrain mapping prior to force deployment
  • Support to planning phase of operations
  • Survey evacuation routes, evacuation points and reception centres
  • Providing route information and navigation to ground vehicles


Courses to transfer the knowledge needed to use radar and optical satellite data, from tasking to processing, from the image analysis to the target recognition and classification. The training courses on satellite data management make the most of their potential for innovative services and applications. The courses are tailored to the needs of the client and to create reports and analysis of the images useful for the purposes and fields of application of the final customer.

Who would benefit?


  • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Defence agencies and institutions
  • Security Institutions