An e-Geos-powered platform for agriculture and forestry products and services


Much more than a data request

  • Automatic processing analysis of big data
  • Integration with intermediate and end user datasets
  • Multisource satellite data capability
  • Exploitation of COSMO-SkyMed and Sentinel SAR data
  • Near real-time reports and dynamic analytics
  • Modular approach based on customer need


For agriculture and deforestation

Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) Support Services

Multi-temporal optical satellite capability to follow the agronomic seasons of each single agricultural field by identifying, in a fully automatic way, the field activities aiming at:

  • All farming actions (ploughing, seeding, harvesting, etc.)
  • Expected phenological time windows and local agronomic scenarios
  • Supporting the semi-automatic monitoring of the European CAP farmer declarations for subsidies

Production Estimation Support and Risk Management Services

Comparing the temporal trend of spectral indices computed by satellite over different years across the whole lifecycle of single crop parcels, and integrating with meteorological models for:

  • Monitoring the health condition of crops
  • Supporting herbaceous crop production estimation
  • Historical analysis of crop behaviour for supporting risk assessment

Insurance Services – Claims Management

SAR satellite data allows the extraction of flooded areas over agricultural fields on optical data, even immediately after an event, for:

  • Mapping the real flooded crop area
  • Monitoring flood evolution and the area of water stagnation over time
  • Evaluating the possible damage in support to the insurance, depending on crop type and phenological phase during the submerging phase

Precision Farming for individual needs

Satellite allows the identification of crop growth and health at “intra-parcel” level for:

  • Identifying crops local vigour or crop disease conditions within each parcel
  • Providing, along the season and in real-time, precise local indications for better agronomic works (fertilisation, irrigation, harvesting starting time and point, etc.)

Forest Monitoring Services

Analysis of SAR data allows the identification of deforested area (clear-cut of high forest or rotational coppice) in tropical areas. In boreal environments, optical satellite land change analyses provide relevant support for:

  • Legal and authorised deforestation monitoring, both for administration and timber companies
  • Illegal logging detection and mapping in real-time, also for necessary repressive actions
  • Forest fires burn scar mapping after the event and relative damage evaluation
  • Delineation of areas of fallen trees after wind storms

Who would benefit?


  • Government and state level actors
  • Insurance industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Climate change organisations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)