Agricultural Applications

Telespazio collects and analyses long-term satellite, weather and other data to support the identification of potential trigger values and the definition of historical average curves for the agricultural industry. This also includes clustering of areas that are homogeneous in terms of geomorphological parameters, weather data (frequency of events). Telespazio utilises the AgriGEO platform to offer:

  • Historical and current data – unique data source to access historical satellite and weather data at geographic base even where statistics are not present Risk level analysis – support insurance portfolio risk level and distribution to increase profitability.
  • Risk level analysis – support insurance portfolio risk level and distribution to increase profitability.

Using Telespazio’s AgriGEO platform, historical trends can be visualised and analysed as required. Below is an example of trends in weather and vegetation indices over a three-year period.

Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Risk Management

Telespazio supports risk management for agricultural droughts through a web-based drought information system AgroView®. AgroView® encompasses an extensive drought database with data archives of over 15 years, as well present day information, and features specifically designed drought-related indicators, which are derived from satellite datasets. This approach provides:>

  • Wide Information – drought information on entire continents (Europe with > 5.8 million. km² and India with 3.3 million. km²) with multiple spatial and temporal monitoring dimensions
  • Frequency – dense data time-series with updates every 8-14 days, covering a timespan of more than 15 years
  • Cost-efficient solution – information portal supporting drought risk management tasks.

In 2018, the heat wave across Europe cost billions of pounds in drought damage across the agricultural market sector. Hereby, Agricultural Drought Monitoring based on satellite data supports risk management and mitigation of damages by providing:

  • Precise, timely, reliable and cost-efficient information on the occurrence of droughts
  • Analytic comparisons of recent and historic drought events through long-term archived datasets
  • In-depth information on various spatial scales enabling regional analytics
  • Identification of potential Loss Event Hot Spots

Support for in-field verification: Geo-tagged ground photos

Telespazio supports surveyors and farmers using a mobile app, Geo-Tag, with “validated” pictures for anti-fraud control. Geo-Tag, which is available on OS and Android, supports GPS tracking in different modes (including walking) and on-line/off-line (matching through sequential codes). Geo-Tag offers the insurance industry:

  • Cost reduction with optimisation of in-field controls
  • Simple visualisation of completed actions
  • Precise information on losses and support to field identification

There are four steps to the process of generating geo-tagged ground photos:

  1. Downloading from the central system; target through guided paths
  2. Take geotagged photos
  3. Target positioning assurance
  4. Secure connection for sending to the central system