techUK: Digital Twins & Geospatial Data

Telespazio UK's Geo information Marketing and Sales Manager, Krupa Nanda Kumar, was among speakers this industry-led webinar organised by techUK's Technology and Innovation Programme in partnership with the Digital Twins Programme.

Virtual  17 November 2020

The webinar explored how digital twins can leverage geospatial data to create emerging opportunities to visualise and bring to life geospatial data in new, eye-opening ways.

There is real opportunity that the integration of geospatial data within digital twins could enhance our understanding of the built environment, drive forward progress on national-level sustainability objectives, accelerate and de-risk innovation, and present the need for horizontal collaboration across market domains.

In recent years, prospects for building extensible, scalable and interoperable digital twins have improved dramatically as our ability to use models and data-centric techniques to tackle complex problems has progressed.

Kupra Kumar from Telespazio delivered one of the presentations, discussing the diversity and versatility of earth observation technologies for digital twins. Krupa emphasised that the nine threat areas identified in the Geospatial Commission’s 2020-2025 Strategy all benefit from Earth observation, alluding to eye-catching examples such as predictive digital twins in infrastructure and mobility. Through diving into different use cases, Krupa emphasised the breadth to opportunities for geospatial data and digital twins over the coming years.

You can watch Kupra's presentation by clicking on the video below (starting at 52:15).

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