Phi Week 2020

Phi Week (28 September - 2 October 2020) is a virtual event organised by the European Space Agency (ESA), which is designed to reinforce Europe's world-leading Earth Observation capability through innovation and generating new ideas, connecting with scientists, educators, developers, students, start-ups, and global industries and institutions in the field of space.

Virtual  28 September 2020

Telespazio UK participated in three sessions during the conference:

Tuesday 29 September 3.30pm BST

Our Digital Twin Earth Precursor (DTEP) Climate Explorer project was presented by our science lead, Dr Robert Parker of the University of Leicester, along with the other DTEP activities. The e-poster can be viewed below and is published on ESA’s 'EO Open Science' YouTube channel.

News: Telespazio UK Awarded Digital Twin Earth Precursor Contract to Advance Understanding of Local Impacts of Global Climate Change

Thursday 1 October 3.30pm BST

E-poster presentation of our Earth Observation Exploitation Platforms Common Architecture (EOEPCA) project.

The e-poster can be viewed below and is published on on ESA’s 'EO Open Science' YouTube channel.

Friday 2 October 15:30-17:00 BST

E-poster presentation of our work on Sen2Like Phase 2.  The project has developed the capability to ingest Sentinel-2 MSI Level 1C / Level 2A (S2) products or Landsat 8 OLI Level 1 C /L2A (LS8) products to generate two levels of products “harmonized”(H) and “fused”(F):

  • L2H keeps native resolutions: S2 @10m and L8 @30m harmonised through a Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) to maximize inter-operability between the optical satellite missions.
  • L2F provides functionality to increase band resolution to 10m whilst maintaining spectral accuracy.

The e-poster can be viewed below and is published on ESA’s 'EO Open Science' YouTube channel.

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Telespazio in the UK

Telespazio in the UK

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