The Deimos-1, owned and operated by Deimos Imaging and distributed by Telespazio UK (as a partner of Deimos-Imaging), is the first Spanish Earth Observation Satellite. With a mass of 100kg, it was launched in 2009, and provides 22m, 3-band imagery with a very wide (650km) swath.

It has been specifically designed to assure very-high-frequency revisit on large areas (every three days on average for any mid-latitude region), with precision agriculture and forestry monitoring applications in mind.

Deimos-1 has a uniquely wide swath of 650km, which allows covering very large areas in a very short time (it can cover Spain in just two days).

Deimos-1 provides 22m multispectral images, with subpixel geolocation accuracy. Its three channels (red, green, NIR) have been designed to be compatible with the same channels of the Landsat series, allowing full compatibility. Its data are currently used by public and private customers worldwide, including the USDA, the European Space Agency and the EC Joint Research Center.